St Matthew's Episcopal Church, McMinnville Tennessee
Welcomes you!
105 Edgewood Avenue, McMinnville, TN 37110
105 Edgewood Avenue, McMinnville, TN 37110

Who are we?

People like you. Christians. “God-fearers.” Men and women convinced by the evidence for the existence of Jesus the Nazarene, and persuaded of his extraordinary claims by the astonishing miracles he was able to perform and the amazing difference he still makes today.

Specifically, we’re a “mission” of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee. Huh? An outpost of the "Anglican" movement in the heart of the Bible-belt: we represent a venerable, tried n’ tested blend of diverse elements developed in the High Middle Ages by the very first English-speaking “evangelicals” – translators and scholars of the Bible who felt drawn to separate themselves from a foreign-controlled church that had abandoned its calling: to be a “light” in the world; a place of transformation. Of “salvation.” This is what we aspire to be. Join us.


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We worship at 1000 on Sunday mornings every week (and also at 0800 in the summer). There are extra gatherings at Christmas and during Easter, when we come together to commemorate especially momentous events like Jesus’ birth, execution and his defeat of death. – Wait, he did what? Yup. And we've reliable eye-witness testimony that once he’d done that, he disappeared into the heavens, promising to share his power-to-change-lives with you and me. Come and learn more.

What else is going on?



Are you ready to go ?
This semester our 0900 Bible-class will focus on the epistles to the Ephesians and Hebrews and from James.

A brand new, all-age worship experience for everyone.
When? Fifth Sunday of every month @ 1000   - It's so much fun!

A Bible-Study for Youth - edgy, exciting, equipping
Where? The Hamilton Street Activity Centre
When? Wednesday nights, 1700-1830

This season we're going back-to-basics with Alpha:


Children's Nativity Service: December 23rd @ 1600.



Next Spring (in Lent): Life Explored - a seven-week series that helps people uncover what they're really living for, and shows how, in Christ, God meets our deepest desire for happiness.

Check it out here:

Our “vicar”

Father Ben Randall - St Matthew's Church McMinnville Tennessee– that’s a funny word from the Old World. It means “over-seer.” We call him: “Father Ben.”

Born in Cambridge (U.K.), he also studied “God-stuff” at the university in that city. Married and a dad; DC comics fan; follow him on twitter @rev_b_randall. You can read his sermons here.